Overnight Pirith Deshana

Overnight Pirith Deshana

The Special overnight Pirith ceremony organised by Trico International on 15th of July 2017 was yet another successful event. This was organised to bless Sri Lankan and all the Sri Lankan’s in Australia.Buddhist monks from Keysborough Dhamma Sarana Temple, Dandenong Buddhist Meditation Temple, Berwick Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, and Rockbank Paramitha Buddhist Vihara attended the ceremony.

Our heartfelt thank you goes to all the wonderful volunteers who helped us in building the Pirith mandapaya and serving the food. We would also like to thank everyone that attended our Pirith Deshana, also to the Dhamma Sarana Temple in Keysborough for allowing us perform this event, and to all media & papers. It was a spectacular sight to see more than 350 people attended the ceremony. Thank you every one, we would have not succeed without the amount of help received

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